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This Status page informs you about
the latest developments of the FMEA Info Centre

May 2011

Some 25 new documents have been uploaded to the 'Latest Update' page

November, 2010

We've added a NEW section : the FMEA Video's and some minor updates

April, 2010

We've added a new list of FMEA Abstracts and made some small changes to the lay-out of the site.

December, 2009

It seems that we've forgotten to update the Status page itself...

Since Sept 07, we've added Abstracts, more than 100 new documents, ...

So we keep on working on the site

September, 2007

The news section has been updated

April, 2007

Some 30 new downloads have been added on a waiting page: FMEA Updates

October, 2006

New downloads have been added.

April, 2006

For several weeks now we've been working to restyle and update the site. Goss, it's difficult to leave the old site. Somehow I feel like I betrayed it. It has been functioning for years and now it has to disappear. We do hope the new site will even better serve our visitors.

Nov, 2005

New links have been added, some broken links restored.

July, 2005

Our "add a link" form is a success. Every week we get new links. In the next months we'll look for an easier way to get these new links on line.

For the sake of history some flash backs from the old site

July, 2003

We have created a real FMEA shop where you can find books, video's, magazines about FMEA and business related topics. Check it out: FMEA SHOP

January, 2003

We have updated the consultancy and  books pages.
We have also installed an ftp site with additional downloads . We will add more files.

January, 2001

Yep, here we are now on our own domain :

We've reorganized the site as to be able to better maintain it. We welcome your comments.

And of course: A Happy Millennium from all the FMEA Info Centre team members.

Nov. 10, 1999 :

5 days earlier then planned we can start with the data collection. A request to complete the questionnaire is send to 4 newsgroups. Depending on the feedback we receive we will increase our efforts to at least obtain our 1.000 completed questionnaires.

How it all started some where in 1999 ...

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FMEA Info Centre

All you want to know about Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
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