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FMEA Services and Consultancy providers


Sandalwood FMEA Facilitation and Development

Since 1989 Sandalwood has provided FMEA services to the Automotive Industry. Our facilitators have years of experience in the development of Process, Design, and Machinery FMEAs, and have access to cross-functional expertise that adds tremendous value to the facilitation experience.

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

ARMS Reliability Engineers has a proven track record of helping companies reduce the business cost of failure and maximize the availability of their plant.
ARMS Reliability Engineers, with offices in the USA, Australia, and Canada provides the Reliability Engineering services, training, and software that you need to improve asset performance in your organization.
AL Safety Design Ltd is an independent reliability and safety engineering consultant firm, founded in 1991.

The services include:
Risk Analysis, Reliability and Safety Management, Product Assurance
RAM - Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Analysis of systems
Risk Assessments, Safety Analyses, CE conformity
Quality and Environmental System Consulting
AL Safety Design Ltd.

Address: Yläportti 1B, FIN-02210 Espoo, FINLAND
tel. +358-9-884 3066
fax +358-9-863 0454

Medical Risk Management Associates specializes in software, training and consultative services to facilitate patient safety and risk management activities in the health care arena, with focus on using tools such as Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (HFMEA®) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Our focus is three-fold:

- Support continuous improvement endeavors
- Exceed JCAHO Standards and Intents
- Optimize cost-effectiveness
Risk management and loss prevention are critical in today's fiscal environment, and must be coordinated with high quality of care, regulatory compliance and patient/customer opinion, all with due consideration to resources and costs. Our approach to consultation is to give our clients the tools they need to progress on their own, minimizing further dependence upon any external resources, consultative or otherwise. We feel that if our clients have the appropriate tools, further consultative costs should be unnecessary. We can accordingly offer guidance in establishing risk management needs, policies, communication systems, monitoring/reporting systems, sentinel event processes, etc.
DGP International - 2 days - All difficulty levels - In-House - £250 per day One-day training course designed to provide the delegates with awareness, knowledge and experience of the Failure Modes (Criticality) and Effects Analysis techniques and its role in safety justification. UK
FMEA / MTBF pred. och elektronik utveckling (Swedish)

För den nordiska marknaden erbjuds FMEA konsult tjänster. Även MTBF predikteringar felanalyser / haveriutredningar samt klassisk elektronikutveckling.

PlanTech FMEA Training & Facilitation

PlanTech offers FMEA Training and Facilitation to customers in all industries. Our experts help teams establish best practices and learn how to get the most out of their FMEAs. Visit our site today to learn more about these services and access articles and tips to improve your current FMEAs.

Featured Web Based Training (WBT) by Quality Associates International
This is no small FMEA class, Over 120 pages of content with audio files (bigger than some books and more interesting) describing key elements of FMEA Preparation, Development and Action Follow-up.
This WBT provides in-depth discussion of each FMEA Column in the process including audio, video and animated explanation of key elements. Developed by some of the most aggressive and talented consultants in the industry, this WBT is integral to improving your Quality Process.
This interactive and activity driven training includes a full description of Design FMEA at System, Subsystem and Component. Robustness Tools including Boundary Diagram, P. Diagram and the Interface Matrix.

Special Characteristics Classifications and how to nominate them for Process Special Controls.
A description and examples of the Characteristic Matrix, a very important tool for cascading Special Characteristics from the Design FMEA to the process FMEA.
The relationship of Design FMEA to test planning and Process FMEA to Control Planning.

We are certain that the training contained inside this Web based course will prepare you for preparing, understanding and optimizing your FMEA Development
Prezign provides cutting edge services and software to help organizations achieve manufacturing excellence. Today your organization’s competitive advantage is solving problems; tomorrow it will be mastering methods of prevention. Error proofing and designing for six-sigma are the battle grounds of world class organizations and where your competition is heading. Prezign provides consulting services and workshops facilitation to take your team to the next level of zero-defect achievement. Moreover, our 100% web based EPSYS software solution links all the traditional quality tools (D & P FMEA, Control Plans and Process Flow Diagrams with powerful error proofing and DFSS analysis.
Specialized Six Sigma and sales training as well as consulting services delivered across North America. Our consultants are all certified Six Sigma Black Belts and certified Six Sigma trainers. We can help with tools and techniques like FMEA, DOE, SPC, VOC, CTQ, QFD and more.

Pratiquer l'analyse de risques méthodologie AMDEC & AEEL: Identifier, évaluer, agir.
L'amélioration continue des produits et processus est une préoccupation permanente.
L'Analyse des Modes de Défaillances, de leurs Effets et de leur Criticité(AMDEC),et l'AEEL(Analyse des Effets des Erreurs du Logiciel) sont l'un des moyens qui permet d'atteindre ces objectifs.
Cet outil méthodologique utilisé avec rigueur, met en oeuvre concrètement la maîtrise des risques générés à la conception et à la production, mais également pour le Management des risques Sécurité, Environnementaux et dangers pour le patient
Reliability and Maintainability / Zuverlässigkeit und Instandhaltbarkeit description = Beratende Ingenieure ( Produktions-Experten )
* Automotive / Elektronik - Referenzen
* Effektive Umsetzung der R&M Guideline ( QS 9000 TES , LCC , Machinery-FMEA )
* Durchführung wirtschaftlicher und effektiver Maschinen-FMEAs
* Durchführung von Maschinen-FMEA Workshops
* Engineering hochverfügbarer Maschinen und Anlagen
The mission of the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) is to provide technical expertise and information in the engineering disciplines of reliability, maintainability, supportability and quality and to facilitate their cost-effective implementation throughout all phases of the product or system life cycle.
Global Productivity Solutions delivers consulting, training and application support services in the pursuit of Operational Excellence®. GPS was founded and is led by pioneers of the Six Sigma tools, Lean Enterprise methods, and Human Architecture principles.
FMEA based on AIAG and FordQ1:2002 Requirements
Addresses Concept, Design and Process FMEAs that broaden the scope of the this recommended technique used for identification of potential failure modes. Also emphasizes the interfaces and interactions of the components, systems and subsystems, how they are directly connected, and how they interact with the surrounding environment.' The use of Teams and Tree Arrangement is reemphasized. General guidelines are given and intended to cover situations normally encountered when preparing FMEAs during the various phases of the analysis ( 2-Day seminar).
Reliability Safety Software and Solutions
With many years experience in the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety industries, we have now teamed up with major Software and Solution Providers in this field.
This unique approach enables you for the very first time to get the best solution matching your exact requirement from one source.

Other FMEA Sources
Profit driven FMEA
Describes services on how to prove the cost benefits of performing an FMEA
DRM Technologies, Inc.
The Machine Failure Mode Effects Analysis (MFMEA) Workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete one of the most useful tools in the R&M engineer’s tool bag. This workshop reviews basic R&M characteristics and how they are used in the design phase of the equipment’s life cycle to identify potential failures, effects and causes that can increase unscheduled downtime events during the operation and support phase of the equipment’s life cycle. The participants will develop recommended action plans to help the design team develop cost-effective R&M trade-off design changes. In this instructor-led workshop, the participants will be divided into teams to complete the MFMEA process and root cause analysis, and will calculate RPN values that will assist in the ranking of failure modes. Participants leaving this workshop will have a head start on the deployment of the MFMEA process.

Failure Analysis of Structural Systems and Components
Since 1947, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been helping industry and government avoid the shutdowns and hazards associated with equipment and component failures. Using systematic failure analysis, SwRI isolates the causes of catastrophic failures and makes recommendations to prevent costly recurrences. Because SwRI neither manufactures nor endorses industrial products, investigations are impartial and unbiased, and client confidentiality is protected. Industries in which the Institute has specialized failure analysis expertise include:
· Power generation
· Aerospace
· Oil, gas, and chemical
· Manufacturing and transportation
· Medical
With technical divisions and hundreds of fully equipped laboratories, SwRI uses a multidisciplinary approach to solve problems for major industries and small businesses alike.

FAILURE MODE AND EFFECTS ANALYSIS (FMEA): Using FMEA to Prevent Design and Product/Process Problems
Presented by: Michael Mercier, Quality Management Solutions
For over 11 years, the Connecticut Quality Council has been providing high value, low-cost workshops aimed at instilling the philosophies and practices of Continuous Improvement/Total Quality Management.

Techniques and requirements for leading effective Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Modes and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA). A workshop on FMEA of chemical, electrical, and mechanical processes is also included. Computerized methods for performing and documenting an FMEA will be demonstrated.

Automotive suppliers are required to prepare FMEAs for all new or changed products. Other companies can also benefit from using this tool. Participants will understand the benefits of using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis as a prevention tool during Quality Planning, and gain skills needed to contribute to or lead Design and Process FMEA teams.

Elite Consulting Limited is a UK based engineering consultancy established in 1993. The company's main office is in Tickford House, Milton Keynes and a branch office is in North Leeds. We specialize in:

  • Finite Element Structural/Dynamics Consultancy 
  • Project Management 
  • Engineering Problem Solving
FMEA angewandt in der Automobil-  & Zulieferindustrie 
casim GmbH & Co. KG --- Ingenieur- und Beratungsbüro für den Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau

Sie benötigen Unterstützung bei der Durchführung von FMEA im Bereich der Entwicklung und Fertigung. Dann bieten wir Ihnen unsere Unterstützung in folgenden Bereichen an.
1. Schulung in der Theorie der FMEA (ca. 1 Tag)
2. Schulung in dem Umgang mit dem Softwaretool IQ-FMEA (2-3 Tage)
3. Unterstützung bei der Moderation und Einführung der Risikoanalyse nach der Methode der FMEA
4. Unterstützung bei Fragen zu FMEA  

Quanterion Solutions provides a full range of  Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Services, including requirement  development, reliability prediction and modeling; failure modes, effects and  criticality analysis (FMECA); fault tree analysis (FTA); failure reporting  and corrective action systems (FRACAS); and test design and monitoring.

Resource Engineering, Inc

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis training on demand! 
Unlike classroom training that is often a hassle to schedule, quite expensive, and time draining, The FMEA Investigator computer-based training gives you a flexible, cost-effective, no hassle solution to getting your FMEA team up to speed on FMEAs.  This program, which covers both design and process FMEAs, strictly follows AIAG and QS-9000 guidelines for FMEAs. 
Regardless of whether you purchase the CD-ROM or network version, The FMEA Investigator comes with unlimited site license which means that you pay for the program once and can training as many employees you have at your site. 
The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)

Founded in 1982, AIAG is headquartered in Southfield, Mich. Its more than 1,600 member companies include North American, European and Asia-Pacific OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry with combined annual sales of more than $850 billion. A not-for-profit association, AIAG's primary goals are to reduce cost and complexity within the automotive supply chain and to improve speed-to-market, product quality, employee health-and-safety and the environment.

Vectra Group offers a complete range of Risk Management services, ranging from the development of risk policy and subsequent strategies to detailed risk identification, analysis, mitigation, reporting and monitoring. We have experience of many different risk management tools we can provide independent advice on the most suitable tools for your organization.

Training database free source of information for professional training products and services in the UK. You can search the database using a keyword search .
Check the database directly for the most update results. If you are a training course provider you can add your course to their database. (German)

Dr. Stefan Mennicke : Qualitäts- und Entwicklungsmanagement

Beratungsleistungen zur Einführung, Pflege und Optimierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen und zur Unterstützung von Entwicklungsprojekten biete ich die folgenden Leistungen an: Qualitätsmanagementmethoden: In-House-Seminare, Training on the Job, Moderation

QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)
FTA (Fehlerbaumanalyse)
Zuverlässigkeitsanalyse und –planung
Versuchsplanung, Auswertung von Daten (Versuch und Feld)

Dr. Reinold Hagen StiftungFMEA - Vermeidung von Ausfällen durch systematische FehleranalyseZiel der Veranstaltung Ziel des Seminars ist es, eine fundierte Einführung in die Methodik zu geben und die Unterschiede zwischen den einzelnen FMEA-Methoden darzustellen

Inhalt: Verschiedene FMEA-Arten, Nutzen und Aufwand , Vorbereitung zu einer FMEA , FMEA-K System (Konstruktion und Vertrieb) , FMEA-V Prozeßplanung (Vorbereitung und Logistik) , FMEA-P Prozeßschritte , Bewertungstabellen 

Referent(en) Herr Dr.-Ing. Paul R. Melcher

At Intelli-Tek, we specialize in performing Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA), Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analyses (FMECA), Fault Tree Analyses (FTA), Reliability Prediction, and Maintainability Analyses.We also perform System Safety Analyses on a variety of systems. For more detail on these analyses go to our services page.

Productive Solutions International Inc. provides a full selection of facilitation, training, and management services. PSI can give you the tools you need to position your company for the future. Services can be provided at our office in Allen Park, Michigan or at your company location. PSI is the sole supplier of Byteworx FMEA 2000, a dynamic new FMEA software. Our FMEA services are in great demand by many clients. Our FMEA efforts are overseen by Heather Clark. She is the North American Subject Matter Expert on FMEA for Ford Motor Company. Further, she is a frequent FMEA lecturer for both universities and trade organizations. PSI's customer base includes many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies in areas as diverse as automotive, home appliance, electronics, computers, utilities, insurance and medical devices and processes as diverse as assembly, casting, injection molding, die making, painting, welding, stamping and soldering.

Manufacturing, process, and industrial engineers will learn the logic behind FMEA, as well as the techniques of both Design and Process through the demonstrations of several applications. Topics include design FMEA, after FMEA, and special considerations. This course meets the government requirement of "Failure Mode and Effects Analysis" in MIL-STD 1629A. (Dutch)

Doel van de Workshop: Na het volgen van de workshop zijn deelnemers in staat om het FMEA proces in de eigen werkomgeving te organiseren en op een effectieve wijze toe te passen. 

Inhoud: · Achtergrond en het ontstaan van de FMEA-techniek · Samenstellen van het team dat de FMEA uitvoert, de rol van het management · De verschillende soorten FMEA's · Mogelijke faalwijzen en de gevolgen op verschillende abstractie-niveaus · Hulpmiddelen bij het bij het opsporen van mogelijke oorzaken · Frequentie van optreden, metingen en waarnemingen · Risk Priority Number (RPN) en hoe hiermee om te gaan · Het verbetermechanisme binnen een FMEA · Het "managen" van risico's en de FMEA-databank · QFD planningmatrix voor het kiezen van projecten · De link tussen FMEA, Beheersplan en SPC 

Doelgroep: Deze workshop is bestemd voor een ieder, die op een preventieve en proactieve manier met het verbeteren van kwaliteit bezig is, zowel in de ontwerp-fase als in de produktie. Voor het bereiken van de doelstellingen van een bedrijf leert de praktijk dat een combinatie van deelnemers uit verschillende disciplines een hoog rendement oplevert. 

Duur van de workshop: De workshop omvat twee dagdelen van circa 3,5 uur .

Opleiding tot FMEA-facilitator. Na deze workshop kunt u:· een analyse maken van het productontwerp of proces · de onderdelen identificeren · de faalkansen inschatten · de oorzaken onderzoeken · de gevolgen inventariseren en hun ernst bepalen · acties nemen om de faalkansen te verminderen

The American Supplier Institute FMEA trainings

  1. Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) (1-Day Workshop)
  2. Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis  (1-Day Workshop) 
  3. System and Design Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (1-Day Workshop) 
  4. Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) (2-Day Workshop) 
  5. Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis  (2-Day Workshop) 
  6. System and Design Failure & Effects Analysis  (2-Day Workshop) 
  7. Machine & Equipment FMEA  (2-Day Workshop) 
  8. FMEA Facilitation Services  (As needed, based on product or machine complexity) (Français, veuillez rechercher le site)

AMDEC MOYENS DE PRODUCTION Analyse des Modes de Défaillance, de leurs Effets et de leur Criticité
Avec la collaboration de ORFIM Conseil
Tout public concerné par la mise en oeuvre de l'AMDEC : Production, Qualité, Maintenance, Etudes, ...

ACCOMPAGNEMENT : sur demande, des actions d'accompagnement individualisées peuvent être réalisées pour la mise en oeuvre d'applications concrètes en entreprise.

The FMEA Training & Implementation Guide is a computer-based training tool which helps employees learn to apply systematic process improvement to many areas of a business.
The benefits of systematic analysis using Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) have long been known, but many companies have found it hard to get started and to effectively train new people.

Adams Six Sigma Specialist in total quality management (tqm), strategic planning, goal setting, team building, employee motivation, statistical process control (spc), management training, and management consulting.

This one-day course develops the participants' understanding of FMEA through group activities and individual participation. In general, participants identify the benefits of FMEA, as a prevention tool for both design and process, and gain skills to complete and apply a Design FMEA (DFMEA) and a Process FMEA (PFMEA). After course completion, participants have obtained an understanding of FMEA for both design and process, the skills to apply FMEA and QS-9000 and an awareness of FMEA responsibilities. This course utilizes examples and case studies for applications of QS-9000 and the TE Supplement as appropriate.

NOTE: Attendees have the option to have either QS-9000 or TE course materials. Please note at time of registration which material is preferred.

Check the site for Course Dates and Location.

We offer in-house workshops in FMEA which can be customised to meet your precise needs.
This course is only available as an in-house course and the price is dependent on the number of delegates participating. Please contact our office for further information.

The American Supplier Institute Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Workshop

This two day workshop provides the skills and knowledge needed to increase value through systematic control of function. It provides an understanding of how things can go wrong, and shows you how to plan and act to prevent or reduce the likelihood of negative consequences.

You will learn how to prepare and utilize FMEA to improve reliability, safety, testability, and maintainability.

Abstract: This course will describe FMEA methodology and its multiple uses for a more reliable, testable and maintainable product.

Who should Attend: Engineers and managers of all disciplines will find this course extremely useful to their work.

BPP has extensive experience in FMEA and can provide an efficient, structured approach to assessing interconnected system failures.

Each potential failure mode in the system is analysed to determine its effect and to classify it according to its severity. The objective is to identify reliability-critical areas in the system for which modifications to the design or maintenance procedures are required to eliminate single point failures and any catastrophic or critical consequences of such failures. Each individual component of the system is considered separately for each of its failure modes.

Specific expertise :
Platforms & Vessels - Outline, Conceptual & Detailed Design
Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
Dynamic Positioning & Mooring Systems
Support of Offshore Drilling Operations

FMEA and risk assessment. Clients: Managers and Employees. Formula: 7 hours / Customized (French)

Analyse des modes de défaillance, de leur effets et criticité
Fiabilité et sureté de fonctionnement

A Competitive Edge Resources facilitator will lead your FMEA session - drawing on many years of experience using this effective technique with organizations across the spectrum.

The session begins with the creation of a FMEA team and a definition of the intent of your specific design or process. From there, the facilitator will help you prioritize the process or design elements involved, determine the risks associated with each, prioritize those risks based on severity and occurrence, develop corrective actions, and assign responsibilities and deadlines. The FMEA technique can be repeated for any process or design - ensuring your improvement effort is an ongoing one.

Description of the training:
Identifies the benefits of Failure Mode Effects Analysis as a preventative tool for both design and process. Provides practical experience and skills in completing the FMEA.

Course Outline: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the QS-9000 Requirement ; What questions do the Design and Process FMEAs Answer ; Where the Design and Process FMEAs Fit into APQP ; Design FMEA ; Design FMEA Checklist from APQP ; Process FMEA ; Process FMEA Checklist from APQP ; Signs of a Successful FMEA

This program is consistent with the FMEA format and approach developed jointly by Ford, GM and Chrysler, in collaboration with the Automotive Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). It will help you get the maximum return from FMEA, whether you need to comply with AIAG guidelines or are simply interested in improving the reliability of your products.

Target Audience : Design, reliability, manufacturing and quality engineers, as well as individuals from sales and marketing, purchasing, customer service and technical support.

Completion Times : Approximately six to eight hours for the full program, depending on the amount of customization, number of supplemental examples, and other variables.

Noblitt & Rueland offers private in-house training courses on regulatory, quality, technical, and management issues. Entire product teams and companies can be trained at one time assuring the understanding and efficient implementation of new processes, philosophies, requirements, and regulatory compliance issues into an organization. An in-house course allows for smaller more intimate discussions specifically addressing the needs of your organization. In-depth, detailed discussions occur without risking confidentiality*. Participants hear the same message and discuss issues together, allowing them to more efficiently integrate the concepts learned into everyday operations. This is especially helpful for cooperative integration of concepts across departmental boundaries. You control the environment with courses being held at a location of your choosing. Prior discussions with the course director(s) help customize the course to focus on specific areas that may require attention. Pricing for each course is based on the number of days, the number of speakers, and the number of participants involved.

Course Titles include: Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis-FMEA & FDA/ISO '99

Our FMEA training will prepare the participants to create their own design and/or process FMEA's. Lecture and team interaction combine to instruct and illustrate the techniques. Teams are encouraged to use their own products or processes as examples. This topic can also be taught as a short overview of benefits and how to get started.

Our FMEA efforts are overseen by Heather Clark. She is the North American lead FMEA instructor for Ford Motor Company. Further, she is a frequent FMEA lecturer for both universities and trade organizations. PSI has facilitated thousands of hours of FMEAs for both products and processes. (

Training and consulting service provider for FMEA and other automotive quality tools

The Jardine Group commands a leading world-wide position in providing innovative, value added solutions to clients asset and risk management problems in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, and Transportation industries.  Course Systems Reliability Institute: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (Course 122A)

This 1-day course teaches students to apply the failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) technique to their own situations. The course agenda includes significant time for students to practice newly learned skills on realistic problems. Additionally, students learn how to extend their FMEA's to include quantitative assessments of failure mode likelihood's, consequences, and risks (a process known as failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis [FMECA]). Each student receives a complimentary copy of FMEA, a PC software program developed by SRI specifically for performing FMEA's/FMECA's. course outline:

In this course you will learn techniques for qualitatively identifying and assessing the hazards associated with process systems. You will quickly learn to choose the most appropriate technique for a given problem. Your organization can use these methods to conduct the rigorous hazards identification, hazards analysis, and accident analysis that are required for DOE authorization basis documents (e.g., SAR, BIO). Applying these techniques will help ensure compliance with Nuclear Safety Management (10 CFR Part 830), Nuclear Safety Analysis Reports (5480.23), Facility Safety (DOE O 420.1), Preparation Guide for U.S. Department of Energy Nonreactor Nuclear Facility Safety Analysis Reports (DOE-STD-3009-94), Hazard Categorization and Accident Analysis Techniques for Compliance with DOE Order 5480.23, Nuclear Safety Analysis Reports (DOE-STD-1027-92), and Guidance for Preparation of DOE 5480.22 (TSR) and DOE 5480.23 (SAR) Implementation Plans (DOE-STD-3011-94). (in Dutch)

Statistische technieken en risico-analyse cursus.

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

De Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is een analysemethode waarbij een voorspelling wordt gemaakt van het toekomstige gedrag van een product of proces. Met FMEA hebt u een belangrijk instrument in handen als u kwaliteit in het ontwikkelingstraject wilt integreren. Deze methodiek kan een belangrijk hulpmiddel zijn om een kennissysteem (op basis van ervaring en gekoppeld aan product- en procesmodules) op te zetten. Hierdoor worden kostbare verbeteringen en corrigerende acties tijdens de productie en het gebruik vermeden.

Deze workshop wordt vaak bedrijfsintern verzorgd waarbij onder begeleiding van de docent een FMEA van uw product of proces door alle betrokken specialisten uitgevoerd wordt!

Voor een bedrijfsinterne cursus wordt een separate offerte gemaakt

The Michigan Virtual Automotive College was formed in 1996 by the State of Michigan, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, the state's other colleges and universities, and the auto industry. Today, it is the Michigan Virtual Automotive and Manufacturing College, a division of the Michigan Virtual University. It is working to integrate the automotive education and training offerings of Michigan's higher education providers with the support services needed to provide convenient, cost-effective and high-quality manufacturing education and training. NOWECO Northwest Controlling Corporation Ltd. : FMEA Software Tool

PathMaker is a software to run management projects such as FMEA: It does not only allow to create the well-known FMEA form from a template which may be re-designed by the user. It further also to plan the creation of FMEAs and act upon any findings.

ABS Consulting is a leading independent global provider of Risk Management Services that combines industry experts, risk modeling, practical engineering and technology based solutions. Through a comprehensive and integrated risk management approach, ABS Consulting is committed to assist its clients in managing their operational, security, and catastrophic risks to minimize business interruption of their operations.

With diverse capabilities, products and services, ABS Consulting is positioned for growth in these key market sectors: Marine, Offshore, Ports & Terminals; Process Industries; US Government; Utilities; Water and Wastewater; and Buildings & Facilities. ABS Consulting maintains a worldwide network of offices providing specialized engineering and risk management services in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Interactive FMEA Training on CD-ROM

The FMEA Investigator is an interactive, step-by-step multimedia training course that provides effective instructions on how to conduct both design and process FMEAs. It teaches you how to customize rating scales for your specific design or process so that the FMEA gives you meaningful information and results. In addition, you will learn how to link FMEAs to control plans

FMEA Training and Consulting by Qi2

This customized workshop provides practical experience and skills for completing an FMEA. You will develop a sound understanding of FMEA through a combination of lecture, group activities, and individual participation. FMEA is a powerful tool for improving the reliability of, including failure prevention for, product design and process applications. Workshop teams are encouraged to work through their own products or processes applications. FMEA is strongly recommended by both QS-9000 and ISO-9000. The FMEA on-site workshop can be presented in either one-, one and a half, or two-day formats depending on how much time the client(s) would like to spend working through their actual applications. FMEA Overviews are also available. Contact Michael G. White, P.E., by e-mail at

This 1 day workshop covers all the aspects of performing a product design and process FMEA and this basics of Reliability Engineering including determination of MTBF, failure rate, the basic exponential model, reliability prediction and component modeling. Training in the use and application of FMEA is a requirement of QS-9000 and properly administered can reveal potential problems with the reliability of systems and product. FMEA's can assist greatly in the allocation of resources for quality improvement. This seminar will lead the participants through the "How" and "Why" of performing a FMEA.

Reliability Center, Inc. is a company specializing in helping business, industry and government organizations improve reliability in all aspects of their operations. The firm provides consulting, service and training programs to clients using their exclusive Root Cause Analysis PROACT® System.  

The FMEA Investigator multimedia training CD-ROM gives everyone on your FMEA team a quick and easy "headstart" to understanding how the FMEA process works. Each team member will get a complete and thorough understanding of both process and design FMEAs. This preparation helps members bring better ideas to the FMEA team and leads to successful FMEA implementation.

Thomas Davenport and Associates have many years of experience in assisting companies to implement effective FMEAs. This area of our web site is intended to help you learn more about FMEAs, and how they can be used to help your company. Site contains also an intro to FMEA

The purpose of this course is to examine, discuss and explore the potential benefits of using the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) core tool within your organization.

Companies seeking compliance and registration to ISO / TS 16949:2002 must utilize Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) core tool as an integral part of the Advanced Product Quality Planning process and in the development of the Control Plan.

The FMEA activities are designed to: 1) recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product/process and its effects; 2) identify actions that could eliminate or reduce the chance of the potential failure occurring; and 3) document the process. The intent of FMEA is to enhance the design process and provide greater customer confidence with the product being supplied and thereby increased customer satisfaction. Using formal tutorials, practical and interactive workshops and case studies, attendees practice new theories and techniques. Limited class size ensures high tutor-to-participant interaction. (in German)

Die TEQ Technologietransfer und Qualitätssicherung GmbH - Six Sigma Academy ist seit 14 Jahren erfolgreich auf den Gebieten
- Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement-Beratung
- Qualitätstechnik-Beratung
- Messtechnische Dienstleistungen
- Controlling und betriebswirtschaftliche Beratung
- Schulung und Training
- Forschung und Entwicklung
Forschung und Entwicklungtätig und hat für die Unternehmensführung, das Qualitätswesen, das Umweltmanagement und die Fertigungsmeßtechnik eine Reihe von Lehrgängen und Seminaren entwickelt. Den Teilnehmern an diesen Seminaren wird u. a. spezifisches Wissen über Controlling, Wertschöpfung, Qualitätsplanung, Qualitätsprüfung, Qualitätslenkung, Qualitätsförderung, Qualitätsverbesserung sowie über Vorschriften und Handlungsstrategien des produkt- und verfahrensorientierten Umweltschutzes vermittelt.

Begeisterte Kunden durch höchste Ansprüche an unseren Leistungen hinsichtlich Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit und Termintreue, das war und ist unsere Unternehmensphilosophie seit nunmehr 14 Jahren. Dafür zeichnet das gesamte hoch qualifizierte TEQ-Team verantwortlich.

Um diesem Anspruch stets gerecht zu werden, verfügt die TEQ-Gruppe über ein Team erstklassig qualifizierter, praxiserfahrener und hochmotivierter Dozenten, Berater, Wissenschaftler und technischer Mitarbeiter unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen.
Als international tätiges Unternehmen verfügen wir über die notwendigen Erfahrungen und die erforderlichen Ressourcen, um gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden komplexe Aufgaben effizient zu lösen. Unsere Kunden sind Unternehmen der Branchen Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, Maschinenbau, Automobilbau, Automobilzulieferer, Lichttechnik, Gerätebau, Metallurgie, Textiltechnik, Dienstleistungen u. a.

WCS provides a range of support services -  including consultancy and training -  to companies in the manufacturing and process sectors. It also provides several new and innovative services to help companies  overcome the traditional barrier to change.

Attend this information-packed two-day workshop and learn how to assess the probability of error occurrence in your manufacturing processes and the proven techniques to eliminate errors. Through hands-on workshops, you will work in teams on both a design and process FMEA, present your findings and critique your results. At the end of this seminar, you will have a new set of skills that you can put to use immediately to improve the quality and profitability of your operations.

Attendees receive Guidelines for Performing A Design and Process FMEA, a handy reference tool for use during the workshops and an excellent resource for developing a company-specific document for your organization!

Prerequisite: To benefit from this seminar, attendees must have completed a basic statistical process control seminar or have substantial background in probability.

The FMEA Investigator is an interactive, step-by-step multimedia training course that provides effective instructions on how to conduct both design and process FMEAs. It teaches you how to customize rating scales for your specific design or process so that the FMEA gives you meaningful information and results. In addition, you will learn how to link FMEAs to control plans.


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