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Dog Repellent -- When the Animal's Bite is Worse Than Its Bark

Author: Larry Zolna

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are generally friendly, they are companions, they make you laugh, they are beautiful to look at, they protect your home and family -- and too many other good attributes to mention here.

But what about the dog who isn't friendly? What do you do to avoid any confrontation on the street from a dog (or other animal) that wants to attack you?

The best way is to be prepared and one way is to carry Dog Repellent, especially if you know that there are loose dogs in your neighborhood.

With Dog Repellent you'll never have to feel threatened again when a strange dog or other animal approaches you.

Dog Repellent is good for joggers, walkers, bikers, delivery people, and mail carriers. In fact, Dog Repellent is good for anybody who is walking out on the street.

It has a velcro-like attachment to secure the unit to a bike and also has a belt clip and key chain for easy access which is just what you want in case Fido gets nasty.

Dog Repellent is EPA approved for humane protection against animal attacks. It is non-lethal and non-flammable and the effects last up to 40 minutes but with no long term effects on the animal.

Dog Repellent is pepper-based which means it is an irritant to the dog's mucous membranes (eyes, nose and throat). When sprayed, the dog will rub their eyes and most likely roll on the ground because of the pain and irritation. They certainly won't be thinking about you anymore!

OK, what do you do if you see a dog approaching you in a threatening manner? Number one, don't panic!

Slowly take your Dog Repellent in your hand. The unit should shoot a burst up to 10 feet which gives you time to aim your Dog Repellent at the dog's face and squeeze 2-3 bursts, especially at the nose and eyes. You should have approximately 10 bursts in a new unit so there is plenty of reserve in case you miss.

Because you're already scared your hand and brain might not be talking to each other correctly.

So, to make sure that you won't spray yourself, the Dog Repellent has a flip-top safety cap so you can't accidently hit the red button if you hold the unit backward.

Also, Dog Repellent has a finger-grip dispenser so you can easily feel the proper direction to aim, even in the dark.

Make sure you hold the Dog Repellent in an upright position or it might not function properly. If you try 'firing' it on its side or upside down you will get the same effect as trying to squirt Redi-Whip when it's upright -- not much output.

After you've sprayed the animal get the heck out of there! Don't stop to watch your work or feel sorry for the poor little doggie. This doggie was going to make you an unhappy pin cushion a minute before.

One more thing -- dogs aren't the only animals that can attack you on the street. There are many people who would love to grab your money or even try to assault you.

Dog Repellent will give you added protection from the bad guy who tries to get up close and personal. Squirt him in the face a few times ahd he'll be down for the count, just like the dog he is! This will give you time to get away and call 911 and not become another crime statistic.

Don't Be the Next Victim!

About the Author:

Larry Zolna is an author of numerous articles regarding Home Security Products, Self Defense Products and Wireless Hidden Cameras. All of these products can save you from the bad guy so you won't become another crime statistic. To see more about these crime-deterrent products, please visit

Article Source: - Dog Repellent -- When the Animal's Bite is Worse Than Its Bark


Animal Fences And Repellents
More than 15.000 products available